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TopShop Logo    "As a manager in a chain of stores that is constantly growing, I understood that I have to be able to perform the shift scheduling quickly and accurately. We started with one store and 20 employees, but we had to grow rapidly. We had to recruit more employees and divide the shifts between them in a fair way, so that some of the employees will get trained in the first shop, before we open the second shop.

Thanks to Otipo it took me exactly the same time to create a schedule with a growing number of employees. It just happened. Now I can easily send the schedule and messages to the employees, and keep in touch with them, even if I can't physically be with them in the shops.

I simply enjoy doing the schedule using Otipo. No only it is done automatically, if I need to ask anything from the employees I can easily send SMS to many employees in a single click. Not only I am saving time and money every week, I am having fun doing it!"

Alex Berkman, Manager, TopShop

Go-Active Logo    "Using Otipo I am making the schedule in no more than 30 minutes. This is a great improvement compared to the two hours and more that I spent on a weekly basis making phone calls, and creating the schedule. I am really happy working with Otipo for the following reasons:
  • Otipo is always available for all the team members
  • I find it very easy to use Otipo - adding team members, changing settings etc.
  • My team members are getting their planned scheduled - even if they're not at work
  • The Otipo support team are great - they are always available by email or chat when I have a question"

Tali Bar-On, Customer Service Manager, Go-Active

Moked Emun Logo    "Creating the weekly schedule for our call center team was a headache for me and for the staff. Using Otipo I was able to reduce the time that I spend on scheduling employees, from a matter of hours to a matter of just a few minutes. The crew is also happy about it as they can send their schedule from any place, at any time. Before working with Otipo, I was sure that any automatic solution will be complex and expensive. This led me to create my own solution using an Excel spreadsheet, and I was happy about it. But still there was a lot of manual work every week: I had to collect notes from the employees, type the information into the Excel sheet, and then manually schedule employees to shifts. I had a good procedure for doing things, but it took me several hours a week, doing a mundane and error-prone work. In a security operation center that needs to respond in a matter of seconds, any mistake in the schedule leads to under-staffing that can cause critical issues in real-time, and might damage the company’s reputation as a leading security provider. It was clear to me that I need a solution, but I was not sure I could find one that would suit our needs.

My doubts went away when I started using Otipo. The ease of operation, the responsive support and the attractive price made the difference. I was able to reduce the time that I spend on creating the schedule, from a matter of hours to a matter of minutes. Now I can also take time off in a clear mind, as I can let one of the staff members do the scheduling - all the rules are already in the system, so Otipo is doing all the smart work for us.

The staff members are happier since we started using Otipo - now they can report their availability from anywhere, anytime, in less than a minute. If someone forgets to send his update, he gets automatic reminders from Otipo, instead of me calling or sending SMS. Thank you Otipo - you put an end to my weekly headache."

Nir Golan, Operation Center Manager, Moked Emun 99


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