What is Otipo?

Otipo is a web-based application which provides a new and fun way for scheduling shifts. Forget your Excel sheet, notes and chasing after team members, forget phone calls and all that nonsense... With Otipo, all the required information is in one place, and all the team members can access it from anywhere, anytime. It's time to say goodbye to the pen and paper and let Otipo schedule like a pro.


The Schedule Editor's View


You will be surprised to find out how much you can derive from the schedule – hours report is just one example.

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Shifts Definition

Create your own schedule board that fits your needs. Define shift hours, required number of staff members from each role, rotations between the staff over specific shifts, rest hours after the shift and much more.

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Managing Your Staff
Through the Staff List page, you can view details of each of your team members, add new staff members, determine the roles and skills of each one and invite them to use Otipo.


This is where everything happens!
Through the Schedule Page you can view your team members' availability, send them sms messages, schedule automatically, change the schedule manually, publish the schedule, send the schedule via email, print the schedule, view the schedule's results through the summary report, update work hours, edit shift hours and even update the manpower needs for specific weeks.

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Printable Format

No more retyping to Word/Excel - just click a button and your schedule is ready to print


Staff Members' Interface

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Each of the staff members can enter Otipo with a personal password that is received by email.

My Availability
The team members submit their availability by marking the shifts they are available to work in. They can also add a textual comment that will be visible by the manager.
My Shifts
After the manager publishes the schedule, each staff member can view the schedule and particularly shifts that he/she is assigned to.
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And there's even more...

  • Reminders for submitting availability are sent automatically by mail and by SMS
  • SMS Reminders before shifts can be sent automatically
  • Scheduling engine rules can be customized to meet your needs
  • You have full control on what details your staff members can see
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So how do I start?

  • Use our simple getting started wizard to tell us who you are and what are your scheduling needs.
    Otipo can be used by a variety of organizations from many different disciplines. We know that each organization has a bit different requirements, so through the wizard you will be able to define your own shift board – the shifts hours, the different role titles and levels, the number of required staff members from each role for each shift and more.
  • Invite the team to the service - you enter the email address, we do all the rest
  • Start enjoying the benefits of Otipo

If you have any more questions, feel free to Contact Us